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The Whole Dollar receives a 5 Star Review from Readers Choice

"Thanks to interactions between siblings, children develop

characteristics such as empathy, companionship, and solidarity. It's

possible to learn from our siblings and find solutions to our

problems with their help. But the best part is having someone to

share with. The Whole Dollar demonstrates this through a tender

story of two brothers. They share a room and games, and always

look out for each other. One day, the older brother manages to earn

a dollar for his efforts and with it, he makes a show of affection to

his younger brother. Lori Croy tells us a story based on a true

anecdote, and at the end of the book, photos of the real brothers

show that their bond remains.

During childhood, siblings teach each other skills to resolve conflicts

with friends or in other situations. That's why you should be grateful

if you live with a brother or sister. The Whole Dollar is a beautiful

story that every child should read. The relationship between the

brothers is inspiring and you see how it has overcome the obstacles

of time. For this reason, I recommend the book because, being

based on a real event, it shows that a true sibling bond is possible.

Lori Croy gives us a great example to follow. Having siblings can be

one of the best experiences in life because it forms a relationship of

love and friendship. Being together as a family means shared

laughter and games. Having siblings gives us companionship in the

face of life's challenges and support in difficult times."

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