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When you find your book across the globe

It's an amazing feeling as a first time author. There are so many firsts to experience. When you submit your first project for publication. When you receive the first copies of your book in print. The first time someone else reads your book and tells you they enjoyed it.

I experienced another first this week and it wasn't something I imagined would be so mind boggling for me. (I was saving that emotion for my first royalty check!) I did a Google search for my name/book and started to see the multiple international bookstores listed as places to purchase my book. I found it in Australia, the UK, Germany, New Zealand, Finland...and more.

My vision had only included children in the U.S. who might get to see it and read it. When I saw the global distribution information, I was simply humbled and overwhelmed. When had that little story that I'd joked about telling my "hole" like become this amazing journey as an author?

I continue to be amazed that there are so many who have expressed interest in The Hole Story and am hopeful that it is enjoyed in the years to come. I'm looking at my next projects and anticipating which new family story will make its way into a bookstore near you!

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